Finnish Cryptocurrency Association Konsensus

The purpose of the association is to promote citizens' voluntary cryptocurrency activities and reform and improve citizens' knowledge, skills and professional qualifications about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Association strives to produce good, timely and objective content about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We are publishing a weekly talk show, Keskiviikkoillan konsensus, on our YouTube channel every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Additionally, we produce single videos and podcasts about various subjects. We're happy to hear suggestions!

To fulfill the purpose of the association, the association:

  • organizes discussion and education events and parties
  • practices research, publicity and publication activities
  • institutes initiatives to government authoritatives
  • works together with other associations and companies in the space


  • Toni Heiskanen (chairman)
  • Eetu Räsänen (vice chairman)
  • Henri Väkeväinen
  • Anton Räsänen
  • Aapo Puhakka
  • Aleksi Suomalainen
  • Martin Wichmann

Other channels of the association:

Our Bitcoin address: 3ELnGXAdgGtA8w4acWi1BV3KncNM8V7Ffz